Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clicks babyclub card in SA

Enjoy extra cash back on all baby products....
All you moms and dads out there get the Clicks baby club card for all your baby items.

Brings you information on:
  • Baby immunizations
  • Growth measurement
  • Feeding and Nutritional Advice
  • Baby Weighing
  • Family Planning Advice
Mom & Baby shopping list...
Mom & Baby Health
Mom's Essentials
Baby Bathing and Changing
Feeding Accessories
Baby Essentials

Also buying on any branded baby product marked with the hand logo and 5% of the proceeds will go to the Moms & Babies Trust.
Giving to a good cause...

So on your Clicks BabyClub Card you receive double point on all baby products and all baby related clinic services
Triple points on all Clicks branded baby products.

How to join?
In store
or at Clicks 

Use your ClubCard to enjoy the benefit of the babyclub benefits which are in addition to the benefits of the ClubCard membership.

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