Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book on Save our Sleep for mothers

See this book for all mothers "Save our Sleep"

I noticed that one of my friends was talking about this on Facebook so I had a look, quite exciting for moms out there struggling with babies that are not sleeping, missing out on sleep themselves. Save Our Sleep: Helping Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night from Birth to Two Years

So for all those moms out there, get yourselves this book on "Save our Sleep"

Click on image or link to find out more on Save our Sleep.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cute organic baby clothes

Cute onesie organic baby clothes

Very cute organic bodysuit baby clothes in striped green and cream, with kimono detailing, treat your baby with this simply classic style. Tadpoles Organic Cotton Pin-Stripe Kimono-Style Bodysuit, Sage 3-6 Months organic baby clothes Hudson Baby Natural Organic Bodysuitcute organic baby clothes Hudson Baby Organic Touched By Nature Neutral Designs Set, Coral-Leaf, 0-3 Months Nice bright coral coloured bodysuit from Hudson with pants and beanie.
cheap baby clothes

Great organic baby clothes, find some colourful ones

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cheap Baby Clothes Factory Shops in Cape Town

Cheap Baby Clothes Factory source

I have sourced all this information from Pam Black’s “the A-Z of Factory Shops in the Western Cape”. Some of these stores even surprised me, but great for finding cheap baby clothes. This is actually a post I did on my e Cheap Baby Clothes blog which is very popular and thought I would share it here.

A few of these Cheap Baby Clothes Factory Shops

Baby Fair, in Walnut Road, Wetton, tel. 021 761 3413, the hours are Mondays thru Friday 9.00-4.00 Saturday 8.30-12.30. This baby clothing shop is in Wetton and very well organized and tidily displayed, some can be pretty messy. The company makes clothing for reputable stores and here at their shop you can get to buy the same baby gear at simply affordable prices. They have from newborn baby clothes, ages 2-3. The cutest all-in-one suits, hooded tracksuits, gift sets, vests, bibs, cute socks and booties, blankets, nappies, sleepwear. In the room off the main shop you will find affordable baby girls sleepwear (6months-12/13 years) some separate tops, bottom, to mix and match. A lot of the goodies are seconds, but flaws are minor. The Baby Fair shop offers gift vouchers in various amounts. A nice friendly factory shop well worth a visit. Children’s Togs, Mymona Crescent, Athlone Industria 2, Monday – Thursday 8.30-4.30 Friday 8.30-3.00 Saturday 8.30-12.30, Branches in Goodwood, Lansdowne, Maitland and Salt River. Well laid out cheap kids clothes store, from 3 months to 8 years. Trendy unisex tracksuits, jeans, pajamas, sweatshirts and t-shirts, some dead cute baby boys’ clothes. Kidz Zone clothing Store, 10 – 14 Losack Ave, Epping 2, Tel 021 534 3365, they also have a store in Goodwood. Baby wear, girls outfits from ages 2-14. Snuggles Factory Shop, Mymona Crescent, Athlone Industria 2, tel. 021 691 0037. The shop is in a small container in factory grounds, loads of bargains. Very good quality kids and infants (from known brands) tracksuits, t-shirts, pajamas, denim jeans. Great place to visit for cheap kids clothes. Arwa Consortium, Tom Henshilwood Rd, Atlantis. Rejects but good quality, boys underwear, and very low prices. Babies and children’s vests low priced as well, the stock moves very fast. Bibette, Induland Crescent, Lansdowne, tel. 021 691 8930, small range of children’s clothes. EmbroiderieCraft Babywear Factory Shop, corner Consani Road & 23rd Avenue, Elsies River, tel. 021 591 0171, from newborn babies clothes to 36 months, all-in-one suits. Cotton Moon Factory Shop, Unit 11, New Crest Industrial Park, Coleman St, tel 021 592 1429. Over-dyed cotton fabrics, children’s wear up to age 13, dresses for little girls, trendy baby wear designs. The designs range from plain cottons, floral to tie-dyed. Romatex Home Textiles, 9 Epping Avenue, tel. 021 932 6403, baby blankets in different colors. Naartjie Clothing, above the Spar in Victoria Road, Hout Bay, and stocks a unique range of newborn babies clothes to cheap kids clothes. You will find a mixture of first, seconds and out of season goods, which are normally found in the up market store. Some adorable baby girls’ dresses and infant wear. I am personally a fan of Naartjie Clothes; I have always bought my nephews clothes from there, whether denim dungarees or t-shirts, I have even shopped at this factory shop on a few occasions, finding those cheap baby clothes as gifts. Bugzoo Factory Shop, also in Victoria Rd, Hout Bay, 021 790 2555, the store has a huge bug emblem outside hard to miss. Trendy outerwear for all children up to ages 11/12, again overruns and last season goods. They stock cute baby girls dresses with matching panties. Good luck with the shopping for cheap baby clothes.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Naartjie podiatry friendly shoes

e Cheap Baby Clothes

Baby Shoes by Naartjie kids

You can find the cutest baby shoes, kids shoes at Naartjie Kids, what is great is are that they are podiatry friendly. Which simply that they give your baby the space for the feet to grow with no restrictions and lots of support in them. They are made of leather keeping feet cool and the feet can breathe for all the little ones running around getting sweaty. The soles of the shoes are non-slip, flexible and lightweight, they won't even feel as if they have shoes on. There is also extra padding in the heel for that extra support. Comes in sizes 4-11 for boys and gils, also they have used mainly velcro fastenings to make life easier for kids to fasten with there small fingers. The shoes are made in South Africa and range in price from 259 or call it 260 to 300 rand. For other types see Baby Shoes

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Warm Baby Clothes

Gorgeous Warm Baby Clothes

I seen some gorgeous warm cheap baby clothes at Woolies in Blue Route today, some lovely tops that look like sheepskin but its a fleece. The top is like an old-fashioned style top long sleeves with almost like a mandarin style collar, so no funny irritating collars for babies that can be irritating. I also seen a very pretty pink baby grow in the same fleece with the sheepskin look, which seems nice and warm and cuddly. Naartjie also has the new collection in the store, also seen some specials where you can buy two sets for a reasonable price. I always love all the layered look for the little girls, you can do it for boys as well, layer the long sleeve t-shirt with the short one over it, keeps there chest warm.

A clip on Warm Baby Clothes

For more on Warm Baby Clothes

For more warm baby clothes try Jet Stores, Ackermans, for the baby grows and all the polar fleece items, warm booties, boots, shoes. Even Clicks has Keedo baby clothes in there store, loads of places for Warm Baby Clothes.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More fun cheap baby clothes around

Fun with cheap baby clothes

See some of the cheap baby clothes stores around save your money or things are a bit tight don't stress lots of reasonably priced items. Your little one will still look cool, or little girl pretty in dresses even if its not from Naartjie or Keedo, mix and match with items from gifts, take ideas from how Naartjie dresses up the windows layer your little girls clothes especially as it gets cooler now in the southern hemisphere.

See some fun clip from Jet online, Oilily and Naartjie Kids in cheap baby clothes:

Here is another fun clip from Oilily Dutch kids clothes. Naartjie Kids

A few more fun items in cheap baby clothes

Clicks sells Keedo baby clothes, which are very cute funky baby outfits, bodysuits, or you can even try all the big hyper markets and markets like the one on sundays are great for finding unusual basic items. For more on Cheap Clothing Stores in South Africa follow this link to my blog on cheap baby clothes.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cute Baby Clothes


See some cute baby clothes african inspired items, and some shooshoos lovely soft baby shoes.

Now Cute Baby Clothes

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dirkje - Home


Cheap Baby Clothes
See this wonderful Dirkje designer baby clothing range now available in South Africa, made in cotton. Follow link to find out more about this amazing range of baby clothes from the Netherlands.

See Baby Clothes Online