Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Naartjie podiatry friendly shoes

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Baby Shoes by Naartjie kids

You can find the cutest baby shoes, kids shoes at Naartjie Kids, what is great is are that they are podiatry friendly. Which simply that they give your baby the space for the feet to grow with no restrictions and lots of support in them. They are made of leather keeping feet cool and the feet can breathe for all the little ones running around getting sweaty. The soles of the shoes are non-slip, flexible and lightweight, they won't even feel as if they have shoes on. There is also extra padding in the heel for that extra support. Comes in sizes 4-11 for boys and gils, also they have used mainly velcro fastenings to make life easier for kids to fasten with there small fingers. The shoes are made in South Africa and range in price from 259 or call it 260 to 300 rand. For other types see Baby Shoes

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