Thursday, April 11, 2013

Warm Baby Clothes

Gorgeous Warm Baby Clothes

I seen some gorgeous warm cheap baby clothes at Woolies in Blue Route today, some lovely tops that look like sheepskin but its a fleece. The top is like an old-fashioned style top long sleeves with almost like a mandarin style collar, so no funny irritating collars for babies that can be irritating. I also seen a very pretty pink baby grow in the same fleece with the sheepskin look, which seems nice and warm and cuddly. Naartjie also has the new collection in the store, also seen some specials where you can buy two sets for a reasonable price. I always love all the layered look for the little girls, you can do it for boys as well, layer the long sleeve t-shirt with the short one over it, keeps there chest warm.

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For more warm baby clothes try Jet Stores, Ackermans, for the baby grows and all the polar fleece items, warm booties, boots, shoes. Even Clicks has Keedo baby clothes in there store, loads of places for Warm Baby Clothes.

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