Saturday, May 28, 2011

Baby Booties, Baby Footies and Baby Shoes from Baby Mall Online


Booties can be simple to serve their function of covering your baby's feet or they can be beautifully designed and fun while doing the same job. Whichever you prefer, we've got a wide selection available here for you to choose from!

You'll find a wide selection from the traditional crib shoes to a variety of decorations on baby booties, even including some baby shoes. We've got baby sandals and fleece booties for seasonal wear and we've got large 3D applique booties that bring a smile to baby's face with fun faces and rattle noises.

Baby booties are available in a variety of designs sized in 6 month stages up to 24 months. Baby shoes are basically the same as baby booties, except that they may have a more solid sole inside to help with stability for older infants.

Most of our booties and shoes will come with some type of traction or non-skid bottom to help your little one have a more solid grip on the floor when moving about.

Adorable artwork and designs, fun colors, durable construction, comfortable wear, and great price are all the marks of baby booties and shoes here at Baby Mall Online, and we hope that you'll find a pair or two that will bring a smile to both you and your little one!

If you've got an idea for a product that you think we should carry but don't seem to have, please let us know! We love getting feedback from our customers, and we welcome you to contact us any time with your ideas by email at or by calling us at 845-473-6780 xtn 1#


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