Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Minutes for Mom: Mom-Owned Stores

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Taylor's Baby

Taylor’s Baby

We make unique gift giving easy for the Ultra Posh Baby & Mom! Come view our extensive collection from top designers and artisans. From Designer Diaper Bags to Layettes and Custom Decor at Taylor’s Baby you are sure to find a truly unique gift. Custom and personalized items are our specialty.

Free Shipping on Orders over $100 and Free $10 Gift Certificate when you sign up for our gift registry!

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Oh Petit Bebe

Oh Petit Bebe

Oh Petit Bébé online baby boutique offers unique and custom bedding for standard and Stokke cribs, as well as beautiful handmade nursery accessories such as diaper stackers, window valances, Boppy covers, shopping cart covers, changing pad covers, nursing drapes, mini-hampers and more.
Our quality products are all made using the customers’ own fabrics.
The designs are unique and can be customized. Visit Oh Petit Bébé now and enjoy our low prices.

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Prontip & Co.

Prontip & Co.

Your one stop shop for unique and stylish baby essentials like
diaper bags, blankets and bibs
. Weather you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, this is the place if you are looking for that “Wow” factor. Shower gifts are my speciality. Make a statement with a one-of-kind gift that is personalized with the baby’s name or monogram!

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Tutti Fruity Designs

Tutti Fruity Designs

Tutti Fruity Designs offers lots of Fun, Funky, & Fabulous things for your little tutti fruity! Fun ribbon flip flops, Funky Ribbon totes and Fabulous handmade baby bedding. Tutu’s are the must have accessory for any little girls wardrobe and Tutti Fruity Designs can custom make a tutu for your little tutti fruity in any color you would like!

You can feel good when you shop at Tutti Fruity Designs, because 10% of EVERY sale is donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 20% from every sale of a featured product is donated. So have Fun shopping for a GREAT cause!

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Love Prints

Love Prints

Love Prints is the home of the one and only Handy Burpee. Once you have tried our unique handmade burp cloths, you will never use the straight store-bought version again!

Handy Burpee is a mom-invented, mom-made & mom-approved product that puts an end to wearing spit-up on your hands. For those who have even the slightest skin sensitivity, our handmade burp cloths will protect your hand from the acidity of spit-up and the continuous (often painful) hand-washing that follows. Our handmade burp cloths are a wonderful invention for bottle or breastfed babies.

Again, our store sells handmade mom invented burp cloths.

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childrens car seat covers

childrens car seat covers

Waterproof removable car seat covers. Fun and hip designs to cover an old and ugly car seat. We are 2 moms who needed this product and all we found were replacements. So we decided to make one. Our covers are WATERPROOF and slip on without removing the car seat from the car or the straps from the seat. simply slip the cover on over the original manufacturers cover. Visit us online at

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The Swing Scarf

The Swing Scarf

Our store sells the Swing Scarf, the only cover intended for use on a baby swing. It was created by a mom to help avoid the germs and dirt found on baby swings at the park and on home swingsets. It comes it fun, chic fabrics, is easy to use and machine washable.

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We are committed to providing high quality, unique and custom made products, superb customer service, and a fun, easy shopping experience!

Take a peek at our organic cloth diapers, potty training pants, doublers & silk liners, natural blankets and stylish hand-dyed wool diaper & trainer covers, to see how versatile cloth diapering can be. Our cotton diapers and wool diaper covers are:

· Made in the USA
· Breathable – less, if any, diaper rash
· Super absorbent
· Soft, not scratchy
· Stretchable for a perfectly trim, comfortable fit
· Washable
· Chemical free

Ready to shop? Have questions? Contact us today for your best diapering experiences tomorrow!

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RosieBear - creator of Aunt LaLa's Log

RosieBear – creator of Aunt LaLa’s Log is an online store where you can purchase Aunt LaLa’s Log.

Aunt LaLa’s Log is a handmade baby journal designed specifically for jotting down every dirty diaper, feeding and nap that a newborn takes during the first three months of life.

Aunt LaLa’s Log features 100% post-consumer recycled paper and features 18 different designs.

Check it out at:

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Cheap Baby Clothes

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