Monday, July 25, 2011

Cheap Kids Clothes

Cheap Kids Clothes in Europe

See for all the latest in the winter collection 2011, see clip below

The new collection of Mayoral is composed mainly of red, grey and dark blue with, for girls, the tartan and snow's flakes as major pattern and for boys, the star is the demin, and it come with stripes and checked sweaters which provides a casual urban style to the collection.

See more on African Cheap Baby Clothes..... from all the various South African brands of locally made clothes for kids ands babies.

I seen a new factory store in Bark Road, Tokai, just before the Builders Warehouse, great for moms and dads as well, it is like a seconds factory store, with cheap kids clothes, from R29 and such like. I got a polo  neck jumper for R30, so pretty reasonable, they constantly getting new stuff, name something like Go to Fashion, missed the end of the name. You can't miss it, it is as you turn down the road on the left, lots of cars parked outside.

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