Friday, July 8, 2011

Jet Stores in South Africa

Great Cheap Baby Clothes

See Jet Stores, for all the best cheap baby clothes,
jy kry kleefbroekie stelle van 25.99 met sterre op en gestreepte broeke.

Baby Socks for 7.99
Baby Beanies for 12.99
short t-shirts or long sleeve t-shirts for 12.99
pants with feet as same price of t-shirts/
Sleep sets with motifs on for 35.99

Some really cute sets with striped pants or tops or spotted pants
very cool tops with "a star is born" with a little bear on it.
Even some tracksuit tops very cool and funky. These
sets for 35.99.

Of course some summer wear, though we are not there yet
this is winter in South Africa, but alas it is already in the shops.
Playsuits, so cool in nice brights colors for 16.99 with cute
slogans on them or nice striped or nice little animal figures.
Cute little girls in spotted and striped as well cute pinks and purples.
Of course some cute sandals in brightly colored fabrics for 29.99

Cute doll-like baby t-shirts in funky colors 12.99 and socks
of course 7.99.
They have also got those very much needed baby carry items
so you can have your hands free and still carry baby for 
129.99 in black or red.

Great shopping save those rands and cents with Jet Stores, why spend
money on baby clothes when you can find the
one nearest you and get those cheap baby clothes.

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